Pigeon Control is Nowadays a Necessity

The Variety of Pigeon Control Methods

Pigeon control is a term that sums all techniques of deterring or even getting rid of pigeons when they represent a problem. It is used by farmers, mayors or others in need when their house or garden is damaged by birds. The most affected people are those living on farms, where pigeons find plenty of food in the garden, near the animals or trees. Another place ruined by pigeons are big cities where there is a lot of food waste in the garbage. In parks, many people feed them. Why control their number? They destroy the aesthetics of a building, by making a lot of mess on the roofs of the houses, the parks become dirty and spread bacteria and fungus. A few of the diseases spread by pigeons are Cryptococcal Meningitis, Salmonella and Listeria, Viral Encephalitis and E. Coli.

bird net installed on ceiling home
The bird netting for pigeon control is a resistant and durable protection for avoid the damage for your crops.

Pigeons in the Garden

Pigeons are cute little birds in the parks and near old buildings. But sometimes they are not so pleasant. The situation becomes even worse when pigeons decide to taste your lettuce, your fruits and they are delighted. Their number will grow each day. In some cases, it may happen that 150-200 birds appear in your garden. Before this happens, you should decide to do something and search for pigeon control options. You have pigeon spikes, pigeon control netting, bird netting, pigeon wire, bird-scaring devices at your disposal. If you cannot decide what method to use, let us present you the most effective methods.

Bird Netting

There is nothing more annoying than finding out that you have no apples on the tree. That could be the moment you realize you have to buy a pigeon control netting. Bird netting and bird wires do not kill pigeons. This is only most effective way to keep them out. With bird netting, you can protect your crops from pigeons, buildings from the mess and even yourself from diseases. For pigeons is recommended to use an UV-resistant net with ¾-inch squares. You can buy electrified tracking too. With this tool, you can be sure you get rid of pigeons. They hate that generous dose of electricity, even if it is non-lethal.

peaches protected by  bird net
The bird net provide to your garden the best protection avoiding that the birds cause damage to your crops.

Sonic Deterrents

They are used in large areas, like vineyards, airports or other open areas. In vineyards, you can use bird netting for tree protection as well. The digital sound prevents the habituation of the birds and the net stops them from getting close to the trees. It is not effective for years because, after a few months, birds get used to that sound. It has the advantage that is not harmful to the pigeons.

Stop Feeding Other Smaller Birds

If you notice that pigeons enjoy the food you give to small birds, you need to stop feeding them. You can try to feed again after four weeks, but, because pigeons do not give up so easily, you may have surprise visitors, again. Feeding birds always become a problem since birds remember where to return for the food. Once they got used in some place, they will always come back. If that happens, you will have to stop feeding them for a longer period of time. However, if you do not want to stop feeding smaller birds but you need to get rid of the pigeons, the perfect solution is to engage a device that helps with pigeon control.

bird net used in greenhouse in cropfield
The pigeon control is a ideal method for protection to your crops for avoid that the birds cause damage to your crops.

Because we live in a modern world, you can find many modern techniques too. One of them is the application of chemical solutions. This method works like the birth control pill for people. It usually mixes with food and as pigeons love any type of food they will eat it. Some chemical solutions help with birth control. This is an excellent pigeon control method because it does not harm the birds.

Pigeons in the City

There are a lot of pigeons living in the cities because humans feed them. One estimation says that worldwide there are 400 million pigeons. Only in New York live around 1 million birds. In many cities, the council decided to keep them in a special place where they can live and still be controlled. One method is to replace the eggs with dummy eggs. Another pigeon control method is to educate the public by campaigns, posters, and leaflets. The buildings give excellent space for roosting, and our waste and crops offer plenty of food to eat. If we try to think with a pigeon’s mind, living in town is a great idea. There is plenty of food and water and they can easily find a place to rest too. There are many window ledges, rooftops, warehouses or bridges, just waiting for them to nest, roost or shelter there.

pigeon net used for tree protection
With the pigeon control you can avoid losses cause by the birds.

Keep Your Farm Clean

Secure your garbage cans. Protect the garden with netting.  If you have animals, you should use drop feeders. Remove water sources. They can fly far away for food or water. If they do not find these at your house, they will leave your propriety. If you usually leave your chicken water outside during the day, you have two options. The first and recommended one is to buy poultry netting and cover the area to stop pigeons getting to the water or remove any water source and you give water to your chicken only when you are there. If you find a pigeon nest, clean the area. Wear gloves and use disinfectant solution in that area to kill mites.

chicken net installed on cropfield
The poultry netting can be use for protect your poultries and avoid that the birds invade your farm.

When pigeons are making your life difficult, you have to use some pigeon control technique. Is important to solve the problem, because your family’s food is contaminated or destroyed, your house is a total mess and most importantly you can get sick because of them. It is much easier to buy a pigeon control netting than to clean after the birds and pay for expensive medical treatments.

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